North Texas Open

Kettlebell Sport Championship

Saturday December 13, 2014 10am-6pm

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NorCal Open

Kettlebell Sport Competition

Upcoming Certifications

The Orange Kettlebell Club Instructor Certification Course is designed to help people with a base knowledge of kettlebell lifting take their lifting and instructing to the next level. We believe that a lifter needs to understand what he or she is trying to do as well as what they are actually doing. These lifts require fine motor patterns that must be practiced before proper execution is possible. Our course breaks down each of the three main lifts into their basic parts and teaches future instructors how to identify flaws, correct them, and reassemble the lifts. Sometimes an athlete can simply do a physical task based on their natural athleticism. For the rest of us there has to be another way. Teach your mind. Train your body.

Who are we?


The Orange Kettlebell club was founded in 2007 and Head Coaches have taught kettlebell lifting all around the world in that time. We have taught in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and North America. We have taught kettlebell lifting to hundreds of people all over the world and have spent the past five years refining our course and our teaching methods.

We are active competitors! All of our instructors compete and coach nationally and internationally in Kettlebell Sport Competitions. We have competed all over the US, achieving high ranks in both WKC and IKFF/IKSFA competitions. Jason and John were the first Americans to travel to Siberia and Compete in a Kettlebell Tournament in Blagoveshchensk Russia. Jason, John and Nazo have also competed in The Kettlebell Championships of St. Petersburg Russia.

Your Head Coaches at the OKC have all been to St. Petersburg Russia to attend the International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy (IKSFA). Jason, John, and Nazo were in the inaugural class. We were followed to St. Petersburg the next year by Juliet, Mike, and Ian.

We are lifters first. All of the Head Coaches at the OKC take their lifting and training very seriously. We teach our courses with the tools that come from high-level education and practice. We strive to earn the trust of our students by pushing ourselves every day. We fight the weight of the bell with the strength of our will. To us, this is just what life is. It is what we long for.

The Practical exam requires an applicant to perform to to the level of Rank 1 in the entery level (16kg men, 12kg Women) and pass a written exam. If an applicant does not pass either exam they will be able to prepare and return to the local OKC head coach and re-test and any time within 1 year that can be arranged with the coach.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

September 13-14 10am -5pm!!

*This 2 day Certification is on Saturday and Sunday

 The Price is$450

The Location is:


Bell's Kettlebell Concepts

102 Chain Lake Drive, Unit N1, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 2B2


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Costa Mesa (SoCal)

September 27-28 10am-5pm


*This 2 day Certification is on Saturday and Sunday

 The Price is $499

The Location is:


Innovative Results

2925 Airway Ave Suite J, Costa Mesa, California 92626

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